What is a tracker?

A tracker is a collection of records that follow the development of a unit of work from conception through to completion. You can create a tracker to manage almost any kind of work that your project calls for.

In each TeamForge project, you can create any number of trackers. Each tracker tracks a different type of data.

For each tracker, you can define values for status, category, and other default fields. You can create your own fields to capture additional data that is specific to your project or organization. You can also create tracker workflows to specify the criteria necessary for users to change tracker status values.

Individual tracker entries are referred to as tracker artifacts. The role-based access control system enables you to control which project members are allowed to view, create, and edit tracker artifacts. Within a project or across the projects, a tracker can be cloned along with the workflow.

Summary information about the number and status of project tracker artifacts is provided on each project's Tracker Summary page. The Project Dashboard also provides an at-a-glance overview of the status of each project member's projects, including information on the number and status of the tasks and tracker artifacts in each project, and project overrun and underrun statistics.