Run a saved search

To find artifacts in the current tracker or a different one in the project, run a saved search in the appropriate context.

  1. Click TRACKERS from the Project Home menu.
  2. On the list of project trackers, click the title of a tracker.
  3. In the tracker artifact list view, click Search Tracker.
  4. Select the Show My Searches Across Trackers and Show Shared Searches Across Trackers options.
  5. Expand the My Saved Tracker Searches and Shared Tracker Searches sections. The saved searches for all trackers in the project are displayed.
  6. To run a search for the current tracker, click the Search or Search Here link below the search name in the required search. All artifacts in the current tracker, that match the search criteria, are displayed.
  7. To run a search for a different tracker, click the Search There link below the tracker name in the required search. All artifacts that match the search criteria in the selected tracker, are displayed.