Refine a saved search

Refine your saved searches and keep them updated.

To be able to refine (edit) a previously saved search, you must first run the search and click Refine Search.
  1. Click TRACKERS from the Project Home menu.
  2. Click Search Trackers.
  3. Click My Saved Tracker Searches.
  4. Click the Search link under the saved search (in Saved Search Name column) you want to refine. The saved search is run and results appear.
  5. Click Refine Search. The Tracker Search Criteria for the saved search shows up.
  6. Modify the search criteria and click Save Search. The Save Search As dialog box appears.
  7. Type a name and click Save. You may save the search with the same name, particularly if you have already shared the search with others. Otherwise, you can save the search with a new name too.
The search is saved with your new search criteria.