Change multiple artifacts

When you have a large number of artifacts to update (for example, all the artifacts in a tracker, or a filtered list of artifacts in a planning folder), you can edit all the artifacts at once.

Note: When you update two or more artifacts at a time, each user who is monitoring any of the changed artifacts gets a single email describing all the updates.
Artifacts support @mentions: Artifact description and comments now support @mentions and users called out via @mentions are added to the monitoring list. Include usernames with "@" as prefix (for example, @mphippard) to add users to the monitoring list.
Note: Users called out via @mentions must have "Artifact View" permission to be added to the monitoring list.
  1. Click TRACKERS from the Project Home menu.
  2. Go to the tracker or planning folder that contains the tracker artifacts you want to edit.
    Tip: In a tracker, you can use the filter to help you find the desired artifacts.
  3. Select the artifacts you want to edit, and click Mass Update.
  4. For artifacts in a tracker, choose which ones you want to update.
    • Selected - Updates only the artifacts that you selected.
    • Filtered Set - Updates all artifacts returned by your filter, or all artifacts in the tracker if you did not apply a filter.
    Tip: Choose Filtered Set when the artifacts span multiple pages and you want to select them all.
  5. Make your changes and click Update.
Important: Some fields in your tracker may have values that depend on values in other fields, or use validation rules to ensure correct content. If your mass update operation breaks any such dependencies, you must fix the errors before running the mass update.