Update task status

When you have completed some work on a task assigned to you, you must update its status.

If you don't mark a task as completed, you may get an automatic reminder from the task's owner, its administrator, or other project members.

You can provide task status reports for all of your assigned tasks from a single page.

Note: If you want to enter a status update for only one task, you can do so from the Task Progress section of the Task Details page.
  1. Click Tasks in the project navigation bar.
  2. On the Task Summary page, click the MY TASK PROGRESS tab. Your My Task Progress page displays a list of all tasks assigned to you.
  3. Enter your task status updates in the ACCOMPLISHMENTS, PLANNED, and ISSUES fields.
    • Accomplishments - Record any accomplishments since your last update.
    • Planned - Describe work you plan to do on the task.
    • Issues - Report any issues with the task.
  4. If applicable, change the task status.
    Note: Project administrators may require approval for changes to task status. If change approval is required, you are notified when you submit your status report.
  5. Save your changes.
    • Click Save Page to finish and save your changes.
    • If your tasks cover more than one page, click Save Page and View Next to proceed to the next page.