Synchronize tasks between TeamForge and Microsoft Project

The CollabNet TeamForge Microsoft Project integration allows you to synchronize project plans between Microsoft Project and CollabNet TeamForge .

By creating detailed project plans in Microsoft Project, you can take advantage of advanced project planning features such as detailed cost and effort projections. After your project plan is completed, you can log into CollabNet TeamForge from within Microsoft Project and synchronize the task data from your project plan with a CollabNet TeamForge task folder. When the data is synchronized with CollabNet TeamForge, you can then execute your project tasks using the advanced status reporting capabilities, task exception management, and project visibility tools that CollabNet TeamForge provides. At any time, you can re-synchronize any changes made to task data in either CollabNet TeamForge or Microsoft Project.

The CollabNet TeamForge Task Manager Add-in for Microsoft Project adds the TeamForge > Synchronize with TeamForge option to your Microsoft Project ADD-INS menu.