Add projects to a project group

You may be interested to start using the project group that brings your projects together. Add your projects to your project group as the initial step.

Tip: You could be either a site administrator or a project administrator, but you must have the project groups administration permissions to manage projects as a group.

If you have just created your project group, you might already be on the Project Group Details page. Skip the first three steps in that case.

  1. Go to My Workspace > Admin.
  2. Click PROJECT GROUPS from the Projects menu.

    The existing project groups are listed here.

  3. Click your project group. The Project Group Details page appears.
  4. On the Project Group Details page, click Add to associate your projects with the project group.

    A list of projects appears.

    Tip: You can only add the projects for which you are the project administrator.
  5. From the PROJECT list, select the projects and click Add.
The selected projects are added to the project group.

If you add an irrelevant project to the group, you can select it from the Project Group Details page and click Remove to remove it from the project group.

Tip: You can always come back to this page later to add more projects, specify users or roles that affect your project group.