Allow searching of archive files

By default, users can't search the content of archive files uploaded to TeamForge, such as zip, tar, or docx files. If your users need it, you can provide this ability.

Microsoft Office 2007 files, such as files with the .docx extension, are archive files. By default their content is not indexed and does not show up in search results. However, information that TeamForge maintains about those documents, such as title, author, description and version, does appear in search results.

If you permit archive searching, watch for performance slowdowns associated with the larger volume of indexing that TeamForge is doing. Depending on your site members' use patterns, the performance cost may or may not be acceptable to your users.

Note: It's also a good idea to let your users know that the Documents tool in TeamForge is not designed primarily as a storage device. As a best practice, upload documents to make them available for collaboration, not for backup or long-term storage.
  1. Open the site-options.conf file, the master configuration file that controls your TeamForge site.
    • vi /opt/collabnet/teamforge/etc/site-options.conf
    Note: vi is an example. Any *nix text editor will work.
  2. Add the SEARCH_SUPPRESS_ARCHIVE_SUB_DOCS parameter and set it to false. This enables files inside archives (such as .zip, .gz, or .tar) to be indexed for search.
  3. Review the variables you have changed, then save the site-options.conf file.