Replicate repositories with Git replica servers

Once you have set up one or more Git replica servers, you can replicate repositories.

For more information on how to set up Git replica servers, see Set up a Git replica server. This topic discusses how you can start replicating your Git repositories. For more detailed steps like how to create a TeamForge project and repositories, refer to TeamForge documentation.
  1. After creating one or more Git replica servers, create a TeamForge project.
  2. Create a repository.
  3. Edit the newly created repository to set up replication.
  4. Select the target replica server(s).
  5. Verify the replication status.
  6. Use the clone protocol of your choice.
  7. Clone the repository from a replica server.
  8. Push a commit and verify if it's replicated on the replica servers.
  9. Verify the status of synch operations.