Removing users from monitoring objects

As a site or project administrator, if one or more users are no longer project members, you can remove them from monitoring selected TeamForge objects they once subscribed for monitoring.

However, you cannot remove a user from the monitoring list if the user is monitoring applications such as trackers, documents, tasks, and so on instead of individual TeamForge objects.

By default, this feature is disabled. To enable this feature, set the USER_MONITORING_REMOVE_ENABLED variable to true in the site-options.conf file.

Note: Every user removal operation is being logged in the database for audit purposes.
  1. Go to the item, from which you want to remove users from monitoring.
  2. Select users to remove from monitoring list.
    1. If you want to remove one or more users from monitoring one of the items, select the item, then click Monitor > Users Monitoring Selected. The Users Monitoring This Item window appears.
    2. If you want to remove one or more users from monitoring more than one item, select all the items, then click Monitor > Users Monitoring This Folder.

      In the case of team monitoring, click Monitor > Users Monitoring This Team.

    3. In the following window, select one or more check boxes corresponding to the users you want to remove from monitoring.
  3. Click Remove. The Are you sure you want to remove the selected user(s) from monitoring? message appears.
  4. Click OK.
The selected users are removed from monitoring the selected object. An e-mail notification is sent to all active users that are removed from monitoring selected objects.