Get reports on project activity

You can keep track of SCM and tracker activity specific to your projects based on data that refreshes with every ETL cycle.

When you use the Project Activity option on the navigation bar to generate reports, data is obtained from the datamart.

Note: Only users with Activity Reports view permission and a specific component (Tracker or Source Code) view permission can view the report results.
  1. Click Projects in the site navigation bar
  2. Click Reports in the project tool bar.
  3. Click Project Activity in the navigation bar.
  4. Click a Zoom option to see a week, a month, a quarter, 6 months, or a year of activity. The Max option shows all the data that's ever been collected.
  5. Use the From and To date fields to view the exact period of activity you are interested in.
  6. Roll your cursor over any data point on the graph to see the exact numbers that determine that point's position.
  7. Click Grid View to see the data as a table. You can toggle between chart and grid view as needed.
Tip: Watch for reports on more types of data in upcoming TeamForge releases.