Compare profiles or profile versions

To choose a profile for your TeamForge Lab Management system, compare different profiles and profile version in the Profile Library.

  1. On your project's home page, select Profile Library. The table shows all profiles in your project.
  2. Choose a profile from each of the sets of profiles and click Compare selected profiles.
    Note: Profiles must first be added to your project as "allowed profiles". It is not possible to compare profiles before you have added them to your project.
  3. On the Profile Compare screen, select the versions of each profile to compare. The default version is the latest version of the profile, but any version of a profile can be compared against any version of any other profile.
    Note: Any two profiles can be compared, even if they are from two different operating systems. For example, TeamForge Lab Management will let you compare a Solaris profile and a Windows XP profile (but do not expect the results to be very meaningful).