Manage your product release with the Planning Board

The Planning Board is an important tool for your TeamForge project's Agile planning activities. It enables you to plan and monitor the features that are required in each sprint (or iteration), and assign them from the product backlog to specific sprints.

When you've set up your planning folders, you have four views available to work with them:
  • LIST: The list view.
  • PLAN: The planning board view.
  • TRACK: The task board view.
  • KANABN: The kanban board view.

The planning board view complements the list view. While the latter offers you capabilities to accomplish various actions such as create, edit, and delete artifacts, planning folders and teams, the former offers product owners (or similar users) the ability to view, rank and move artifacts across the three planning folders (swimlanes) in a physical board-like user interface. In the Planning Board, planning folders are represented as swimlanes. In each swimlane, the tracker artifacts for the selected planning folders are represented as cards. You can also have a team's view of artifacts (backlogs and tasks), which is a swimlane representation of artifact cards for the selected team in the selected planning folder.

TeamForge user roles and permissions that are in place for planning folders apply to all the four views.