Log into a Windows system

To log into a Windows system in TeamForge Lab Management, you must use SSH with the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), which renders a full Windows graphical environment on your desktop.

The TeamForge Lab Management environment includes Windows XP Professional and Windows 2003 Server machines.
Tip: You can automate this whole process with a tool called Wissh. CollabNet does not provide support for this tool, but it is something which we recommend.
  1. Set up your SSH tunnel to the TeamForge Lab Management machine.
    1. If you have Cygwin installed, use a command like this. For example, "cu087.$vars.mgr_domain", through the TeamForge Lab Management Manager host "$external_host"
      ssh -L3390:cu087:3389 $external_host
    2. If you do not have Cygwin, set up the tunnel using Putty.
  2. Start Remote Desktop by clicking Start > Programs > Accessories > Communications > Remote Desktop Connection.
    Note: If you are using Linux to access a Windows system, you can use the rdesktop program, which provides the same functionality.
  3. In the Remote Desktop Connection dialog box, enter localhost:3390 and click OK. This initiates a remote desktop connection to the TeamForge Lab Management host.
  4. At the login prompt, enter your TeamForge Lab Management username and password. If you are an authorized user on the machine, you are granted access and the correct privileges.
  5. If your remote Desktop Connection to localhost does not work, try this workaround:
    1. Copy the two files mstsc.exe and msctax.dll to another folder. These files should be in the directory C:\WINDOWS\system32, or in C:\Program Files\Remote Desktop if you installed the Remote Desktop Client from the Windows 2003 CD.
    2. Right-click the mstsc.exe file and select Properties.
    3. On the Compatibility tab, select Run this program in compatibility mode for Windows 98.
    4. Start up the new copy of mstsc.exe from the new location. You should now be able to connect to localhost at IP address