Log into a UNIX system

To log in to UNIX systems, such as Linux and Solaris machines, you must use port forwarding over SSH.

Port forwarding over SSH is a secure way to tunnel traffic over the Internet.
  1. Set up your SSH tunnel.
    1. From a Linux or Solaris system, or from a Windows system with Cygwin, the command to set up an SSH tunnel to "cu086.$vars.mgr_domain" through the TeamForge Lab Management Manager host "$external_host" would look like this:
      ssh -L22000:cu086.$vars.mgr_domain:22 $external_host -l username
    2. From a Windows system without Cygwin installed, set up the tunnel using PuTTY.
    All connections to "localhost" port number 22000 are now tunneled to "cu086.$vars.mgr_domain" port number 22 (SSH) through the TeamForge Lab Management manager host "$external_host"
  2. Log into "cu086.$vars.mgr_domain" by issuing this command:
    ssh localhost -p 22000 -l username