Install a TeamCity adapter

Install the TeamCity adapter as a TeamCity plug-in

TeamForge EventQ currently supports TeamCity — 9.0 and 10.0.

The TeamCity adapter must be installed once on each TeamCity server you wish to connect to TeamForge EventQ. The TeamForge EventQ TeamCity adapter installs as a TeamCity plug-in. Installation of the adapter requires command line access to the TeamCity server.

  1. Shutdown the TeamCity server. You must shut down the TeamCity server prior to installing the adapter. For more information on how to shut down and restart the TeamCity server, see the JetBrains TeamCity documentation.
  2. Download the EventQ-TeamCity-adapter-[version].zip adapter file from the TeamForge EventQ Community web site.
  3. Copy the TeamCity adapter zip archive to: [TeamCity Data Directory]/plugins

    Do not unzip the file. The TeamCity Data Directory location can be set using the TEAMCITY_DATA_PATH environment variable. The default data directory is $HOME/.BuildServer on Linux and C:\Users\<user_name>\.BuildServer on Windows.

    See TeamCity plug-in Information for more information on TeamCity plug-ins.

  4. Start the TeamCity server and then configure the adapter.