Upgrade Review Board

Use these instructions to upgrade Review Board to a latest build.

Attention: Installing or upgrading TeamForge needs root privileges. You must log on as root or use a root shell to install or upgrade TeamForge.

Do this step by step on the TeamForge Application Server

  1. Download the Review Board installer zip file from http://collab.net/downloads/integrations#tab-1 and save it in the /opt/collabnet folder
  2. New hardware upgrade: Back up your Review Board data directory if you are upgrading TeamForge and Review Board on a new server.
    Tip: The Review Board database is backed up already when you have upgraded TeamForge. So, it is not necessary to take a back up of the Review Board database again.
    1. Back up the Review Board data directory.
      • cd /opt/collabnet
      • tar -zcvf /tmp/reviewboard_data.tgz reviewboard
    2. Copy the /tmp/reviewboard_data.tgz file to the /tmp directory of the new server.
  3. Make sure that "reviewboard" and "reviewboard-database" identifiers have been added to the host:SERVICES token of the TeamForge Application Server's site-options.conf file.
    server-01:SERVICES=ctfcore ctfcore-database mail search codesearch  etl ctfcore-datamart subversion cvs 
    gerrit gerrit-database binary binary-database reviewboard reviewboard-database reviewboard-adapter cliserver 
  4. Unzip the RBInstaller-17.4.7.zip file.
    • cd /opt/collabnet
    • unzip RBInstaller-17.4.7.zip
  5. Modify these values in the install.conf file to suit your installation environment.
    • vi /opt/collabnet/RBInstaller-17.4.7/installer/install.conf
    Option Description
    rb_dir=/opt/collabnet/reviewboard The path of the directory where the Review Board files and libraries are installed.
    rb_data_dir=/opt/collabnet/teamforge/var/reviewboard/data The path of the directory where Review Board's database file, review request files and attachments are stored.
    Note: It's recommended to change the default value of rb_data_dir with /opt/collabnet/teamforge/var/reviewboard/data.
    domain=<domain name or host name> The Review Board site information. For example, cu064.cloud.maa.collab.net.
    rb_database_password=<reviewboard_db_password> The Review Board database password.
    rb_database_type=postgresql The Review Board database type.
    rb_database_name=<reviewboard_db_name> The database name of the Review Board.
    rb_database_user=<reviewboard_username> The Review Board database user name.
    rb_database_host=<reviewboard_db_hostname> The Review Board database host name.
    rb_database_port=<reviewboard_db_port> The Review Board database port.
    ctf_base_url=https://myapp.collab.net The absolute URL of the TeamForge site that you want to associate to.
    ctf_site_var_dir=/opt/collabnet/teamforge/var The location of the rbctfevents.jar file.
  6. Start TeamForge.
    • /opt/collabnet/teamforge/bin/teamforge start
  7. Run the following grep commands to get the value of HTTPD_USER, HTTPD_GROUP and HOME_DIR_BASE.
    • grep HTTPD_USER= /opt/collabnet/teamforge/runtime/conf/runtime-options.conf
    • grep HTTPD_GROUP= /opt/collabnet/teamforge/runtime/conf/runtime-options.conf
    • grep HOME_DIR_BASE= /opt/collabnet/teamforge/runtime/conf/runtime-options.conf
  8. Restore the Review Board data if you are upgrading TeamForge and Review Board on a new server.
    Note: Ensure that you have already copied the backup of the Review Board data directory to the /tmp directory of the new server.
    1. Restore the Review Board data directory.
      • cd /opt/collabnet/teamforge/var/
      • tar -zxvf /tmp/reviewboard_data.tgz
      Note: The default Review Board data directory has been changed from /opt/collabnet/reaviewboard/data to /opt/collabnet/teamforge/var/reviewboard/data in TeamForge 17.4. Make sure you restore your Review Board backup to the new data directory, which is /opt/collabnet/teamforge/var/reviewboard/data.
  9. Run the install.py script available in the Review Board installer directory.
    • cd /opt/collabnet/RBInstaller-17.4.7
    • python ./install.py -i -r --auth-scmuser
  10. Run the migrate.py script available in the Review Board installer directory.
    • cd /opt/collabnet/RBInstaller-17.4.7
    • python ./migrate.py
  11. Restart TeamForge.
    • /opt/collabnet/teamforge/bin/teamforge restart
  12. If SCM is installed on a separate box, run the following script to authenticate a scmviewer user against a TeamForge Subversion repository for creating a new review request.
    • python ./svn-auth.py --repo-path=https://<scm_domain>/svn/repos/<repo_dir_name>
  13. Select My Workspace > Admin and select Projects > System Tools > Customizations.
  14. Select rbctfevents.jar and click Enable.