Update Git repository access permissions in Gerrit

By default, Gerrit projects (TeamForge Git repositories) are only visible to TeamForge users assigned a project role with SCM permissions. To grant additional permissions (for example, read access) to all registered users, or to TeamForge global groups, or to a custom subset of users (a Gerrit internal group), log directly into the Gerrit console and make those changes.

  1. In your browser, bring up http://<GITSCMSERVERHOSTNAME>/gerrit/.
  2. Log into Gerrit using the TeamForge site administrator username and password you provided while running the Git installer's configuration script.
  3. Select the Admin tab and click Projects.
  4. In the All Projects page, click Access. You will see a list of all default access rights.
  5. To change an access right, select a group and specify its category. Here's an example where the group "Registered Users" is assigned the category "Read Access".
  6. Click Add Access Right.