Create a "Select" field

To let users choose values from a list that you define, create a "Select" field.

You can create up to 30 single-select and 30 multiple-select fields for documents.
  1. Click PROJECT ADMIN from the Project Home menu.
  2. Click Document Settings.
  3. On the DOCUMENT FIELDS tab, click Add Field. The Create Field page appears.
  4. On the Create Field page, provide a name for the field.
  5. Use the Input Type menu to specify whether users will be able to select one value or more than one. If you're going to make this a required field, pick one of the values to be the default value. This value is applied to existing documents and documents that are moved from another project.
  6. Decide whether users must choose a value.
    • Required fields automatically appear on the Submit Artifact page.
      Note: If you make the field required, you must specify a default value.
      • If you make a User field required, specify one or more default users.
      • If you make a Date field required, the default is "today".
    • For optional fields, select DISPLAY ON SUBMIT if you want the field to appear when a user first creates a document.
    • To prevent the field from being used at all, select DISABLED. (By default, new fields are enabled.)
  7. Use the Values section of the Create Field page to add more values for the user to choose from.
  8. Keep adding values until you have the list of options you want, then click Save Field.