Upgrade a profile

You can upgrade a legacy authentication profile by importing the corresponding configuration file for authentication.

You can upgrade an authentication profile that was used in TeamForge 6.2 or older versions. For each profile, you have to import and save the respective login-config.xml file. It imports all the user profiles automatically into the standalone.xml file which is later converted into standalone-full.xml. The login-config.xml and standalone-full.xml files are placed at the same location.
  1. Log on to the TeamForge as a site administrator and go to the look project.
  2. From the project navigation bar, click AUTH MANAGER.
  3. From the Main Menu pane on the left, click Upgrade Legacy Config.
  4. Select an option to upload your existing authentication configuration.
    1. Detected Configuration Files: The list of files detected in the default location.
    2. Specify Server-based Configuration File: Specify the location of the login-config.xml file in the TeamForge Server.
    3. Upload Existing Configuration File: Specify the legacy login-config.xml file saved in the local.
  5. Click Save. The confirmation message, The authentication profiles have been imported. Activate the profiles to apply to TeamForge authentication, appears.
    Remember: The newly created profile is listed under Authentication Profiles in the Manage Existing Profile page. It is now inactive and the status indicator is yellow. You must activate the newly created user profile.