Add a profile to the Lab Management domain

In Lab Management, a "profile" is a reproducible collection of software packages that comprise a runnable operating system and accompanying set of applications. Every system inside the Lab Management environment has an operating system profile installed on it.

There are three ways to add a new profile to Lab Management : Among the three, the third is the easiest, and used most often by our own profile creators.
  1. Log into TeamForge Lab Management as a user with TeamForge Lab Management Domain Admin privileges.
  2. Click the Administration tab.
  3. On the Administration menu, click Manage Profiles and then the Add New Profile link.
  4. Enter the following information.
    Note: All fields are mandatory.
    Profile name
    The name of the profile. Must already exist in the site's Subversion repository before it can be added into TeamForge Lab Management. This name can never be changed, so be sure to get the profile named properly when you initially create it.

    You can also upload a profile from your local system into Lab Management's Subversion repository. The profile must be in valid Lab Management profile XML format.

    A brief summary of the profile. The Summary can be changed later on using the Profile Admin page.
    What project the profile belongs to. If you leave it blank, the profile will belong to the domain, and either be accessible to all projects (if the profile is public) or no projects (if the profile is private). This property can be changed later on using the Profile Admin page.
    Whether the profile is public (can be used by any project) or private (can only be used by the project which owns the profile). This property can be changed later on using the Profile Admin page.
    Whether or not the profile is a prebuilt image file. This profile property cannot be altered once the profile is created. If your profile is an image file, this will be Yes. If your profile installs via a network install method like Kickstart(tm) or Jumpstart(tm), this will be No.
    Size (in GB)
    The minimum disk size required to build and run this profile. The minimum disk size should be at least 10 GB.
  5. Click Add New to add the new profile.