Use this site-options token to set the Git integration server as either 'master' or 'slave' server. In case you do not want replication (standalone mode) or you have only one primary source for repositories, set this token to master. On the other hand, if you have a master Git integration server and you want to replicate (mirror) its repositories on a secondary slave Git integration server, set this token to slave on the slave Git integration server.


master or slave




By default, in TeamForge 8.1 (and later), this token is set to master in the runtime-options.conf during runtime creation. As you cannot change the replication mode of a Git server after initial runtime creation, you have to set this to slave at the very beginning of your installation process in case you want to configure the server as a mirror of a 'master' Git server. It is not possible to have a Git master and slave configured on the same node, but you can have multiple masters and slaves in your TeamForge environment. Each slave belongs to exactly one master. Once a replica server is set up, it is not possible to reassign it to a different master Git integration server at a later point in time.