SCM (CVS and Subversion) logs

Software configuration management (SCM) servers generate several logs from the CollabNet TeamForge ; however, in the interest of completeness they are all documented here.

This log contains information on the startup and runtime activities of the Tomcat server. This log is not rotated, nor is it overwritten, and is appended continuously over the lifetime of the server.
This log contains a record of CVS or Subversion browsing URL construction. When a user attempts to browse a CVS or Subversion repository in his or her web browser, the URL construction process is documented in this log. This log is rotated for each date that there is activity.
This log contains a record of the initial startup and deployment of the managed integration server. A new date stamped log is generated each time the integration server is started.
This log contains information on the operations that are being executed by the managed integration server. This log is stored in <SOURCEFORGE_INSTALL_DIR>/log.