Project Build Library (PBL) file and directory description changing interface. This function is used to change the description for files and directories in the Project Build Library. This function may be useful if you are building your own PBL client.




This method requires authentication using an API key.


comment ( zero or once )
An optional comment to leave about the operation being performed. The comment will not appear in the PBL, but it will be in the audit log entry for this event.
Type: String
desc ( Required, once )
The new text description of the file. This description will completely replace any description currently set for the file.
Type: String
path ( Required, once )
The path to the file being operated on. For example, if the complete file URL is /pbl/zork/pub/foo/bar/test.txt, the path would be /foo/bar/test.txt
Type: String
proj ( Required, once )
The name of the project which contains the file we are operating on.
Type: String
sig ( Required, once )
API authentication hash signature.
Type: String
type ( Required, once )
The type of file that we are operating on. Valid values are 'pub' and 'priv'.
Type: String
userid ( Required, once )
The login name of the user initiating the request.
Type: String

Example Response

    <?xml version='1.0'?>
    <cubit version='1'>

Response Codes