PAGE_INFO [PageInformationTool]

Allows access to information specific to the page that is passed in.

Information Description
actionName The name of the action that was requested (e.g. viewArtifact, listTrackers)
currentUser User object that contains information about the current user:
  • $PAGE_INFO.currentUser.username (Login ID)
  • $PAGE_INFO.currentUser.fullName (Full name)
  • $ (E‐mail address)
  • $PAGE_INFO.currentUser.locale (Locale, such as en_US)
  • $PAGE_INFO.currentUser.lastLogin (Date and time of last login)
path The full path string of the requestʹs target object (e.g. projects.test/ If no path is present on the request, this returns an empty string.
projectPath   The project path (e.g. projects.test) on the current folderPath or an empty string if none exists (no path context or just a project context).
itemName The name of the item (e.g. artf1234, Home) on the current request or an empty string if there is no path context or just a project or folder context.
objectId The id of the requested object (e.g. artf1234, proj1234).
objectType The type string of the current object (i.e. An artifact would have Tracker.Artifact
projectId The ID of the project on the request or the project that contains the current folder or item.
requestUrl The URL that was requested (e.g. /ce/tracker/do/viewArtifact/projects.test/
isSuperUser True if the current user is a site admin.
isLoggedIn True if the current user is logged into the system.