The CollabNet service

The CollabNet service is the primary service that handles logging into and out of CollabNet TeamForge , finding and creating users, and retrieving lists of projects, project members, and project data.

The CollabNet service must always be accessed first, to authenticate the user and return a sessionId. The sessionId is a necessary parameter that must be passed to the methods in the other services.

The CollabNet service also handles retrieving and managing lists of users and projects, which are often the first steps that an application must perform.

Some examples of activities that are managed by the CollabNet service are:

User groups, added in CollabNet TeamForge Enterprise Edition 4.4 Service Pack 1, simplify permission management for projects. User groups are site‐wide sets of users, managed by site administrators. Project administrators can add user groups to roles, just like they can add individual project members.

After authenticating the user through the CollabNet service, you can then access all of the other services that manage the items and activities associated with the other CollabNet TeamForge applications, such as trackers, tasks, documents, or file releases. A new “Anonymous Login” capability introduced in CollabNet TeamForge Enterprise Edition 4.4 adds the ability to log in with the privileges and access rights of a non‐authenticated user.

Detailed information

For a complete description of each method, including its parameter definitions and SOAP faults, see the JavaDoc for the cemain service.


The WSDL for this service is available on your TeamForge site at https://<>/ce-soap60/services/CollabNet?wsdl. For example, here's the copy on the CollabNet web site:

New and changed methods

Refer to the Change History section on the CollabNet service Javadoc for a list of new and changed methods.