TeamForge EventQ creates associations between activities such as reviews, commits, builds, and work items.

Associations are relationships between activities like work items, commits, builds, and reviews. You can see associations for a particular activity on its TeamForge EventQ detail page or create a traceability graph of associations using the Trace associations button from an activity details page.

Most associations in TeamForge EventQ center around commits. That is, builds, work items, and reviews associate directly to commits, while a build-to-review association are implied through a common commit.

Builds are associated to commits by the underlying CI/build system. Typically, CI/build systems obtain source code from a target repository and build based on that specific revision of source code. TeamForge EventQ therefore relies on the CI/build system to report the associated revisions, which then get mapped as associations between commits and builds in TeamForge EventQ.

Reviews associate to commits in one of two ways, depending on the process being employeed and the source code review product. Please see Review detail for a detailed explanation on commit-to-review associations.

When creating code reviews, note that the code review's repository URL must match the one specified while configuring the related SCM source. Otherwise, TeamForge EventQ will not be able to register associations between commits and reviews.

Work items can be directly associated to commits by referencing the work item artifact ID in the commit message. Please see Work item detail for a detailed explanation on commit-to-work-item associations.