TeamForge EventQ XDS Activity API

Submission parameters

Submission queue
  • queue_name: eventq.custom
  • auto_delete: false
  • durable: true
Parameter Required/Optional Description
api_version Required A string that matches the API version this document is for.
source_association_key Required A key generated by TeamForge EventQ that links incoming work items with the appropriate source server.
Example: "source_association_key": "kLM56uWtKAqpeLLm5qJF"
custom_data Required The object containing custom activity data conforming to the referenced schema/version.
custom_data - The fields specified below conform to the schema referenced, and provide activity information to EventQ:
Field Required/Optional Description
schema_id Required The identifier of the XDS schema this message conforms to. The schema needs to be sent before an activity referencing that schema is sent.
schema_version Required The version of the referenced schema this message conforms to.
event_time Required The identifier of this activity; this is used to collapse related activities together.
remote_id Required A string to summarize the work item.
Stock Fields Optional  
The following field names are treated specially by EventQ, allowing a developer to show specific data in our UI where it can fit with our display patterns. All the fields are optional.
  • associated_remote_id - Specify the singular ID or array of IDs that your event should associate with, these IDs will be searched for in the source chosen in the pipeline custom source and shown in the Association section of the Details page.
  • created_by - The username or email address of the person who took the action. This is shown in the Details page.
  • updated_by - The username or email address of the person who took an action. This is shown in the Details page.
  • summary - The main title of the event. Shown in bold at the top of the Details page and also in the Activity Stream.
  • description - Detailed description of the event. Shown in full in the Details page, a truncated version is shown in the Activity Stream.
  • status_name - The name of the current status. This is a text field that is displayed in the Details page and Activity Stream. The value should be representational of the current state of the activity and match with the
  • status_type. status_type - The type of status icon to show, containing values of "open", "success", "failed", each of which maps to a status icon displayed in the user interface.
  • link_to - The link back to the event on the source system. It take an array or single string. Array takes a URL along with the link label to customize the display text in the user interface. If only a URL string is passed without the label, the default label is "See More".
Custom Fields Optional These custom fields can only contain String data and will be displayed in a key value list in the Details page.


The following code examples are Copyright 2020 CollabNet, Inc., licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this code except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at []

Sample Submission JSON 1: A deploy example with string value for link_to field
    "api_version": "1",
    "source_association_key" : "8578c900-f8df-0131-84ff-3c07547a48b0",
    "custom_data": {
        //required fields
        "schema_id": "fc358dd0-11dc-0132-b9fe-3c07547a48b0",
        "schema_version": 2,
        "event_time": "2012-10-02T17:15:32.320Z",
        "remote_id": "deploy-1234",
        // stock fields
        "created_by": "Build-bot",
        "updated_by": "Deploy-bot",
        "summary": "Deploy at 4:52pm on a Friday",
        "description": "Deploying to fix [FOO-245] and [BAR-900] as critical bugs.",
        "associated_remote_id": "b4c8e50c908ade5c6f053e1ef6422f88",
        "link_to": "",
        "status_name": "Deploying",
        "status_type": "open",
        // custom fields
        "environment": "production",
        "branch": "master"
Sample Submission JSON 2: A build example with array value for the link_to field
    "api_version": "1",
    "source_association_key" : "1ebbbef0-2025-0132-8f68-3c15c2d51622",
    "custom_data": {
        //required fields
        "schema_id": "5193ca40-2025-0132-8f68-3c15c2d51622",
        "schema_version": 1,
        "event_time": "2012-10-02T17:15:32.320Z",
        "remote_id": "build-1234",
        // stock fields
        "created_by": "Build-bot",
        "updated_by": "Deploy-bot",
        "summary": "Build successful!",
        "description": "Build containing commits 109 through 112",
        "associated_remote_id": ["109","110","111","112"],
        "link_to": ["", "Build-1234"],
        "status_name": "Success",
        "status_type": "success",
        // custom fields
        "tests_passed": "1400",
        "tests_failed": "0",
        "tests_pending": "23"