What resources can be searched on a TeamForge site?

The resources that show up in search results depend on the context in which you are working.

Here is a summary.

Tool Searchable resources
Projects Project id, title/description, created by, project status
Project categories Title, description
  • Web UI: author, subject, content, attachment.
  • Email: we index the original email after we process it.
  • Topics: author, title and description.
  • Forums: title, description, author.
  • Document folders: title, description
  • Documents; version comment, title, status, description, the attachment itself (all versions), authors
SCM Commit message, title, author
  • Tracker title, description, author
  • Artifacts: title, group, category, customer, status, description, authors, tracker, all text flex fields, single-select fields, multi-select fields
  • Artifact attachments: the attachment itself and comments
News Body, title, author
File Releases,
  • Packages; title, description, author
  • Releases: title, description, author, maturity, status
  • Files: description, filename
Tasks Title, description, authors, planned
Users Username, full name, email, status, details
  • HTML components: title, content
  • Subpages: page title, component title
Wiki Content of wiki page, using wiki syntax