Why doesn't URL mapping work for me?

My page doesn't look right. Images and graphics are wrong, or functionality doesn't work. The same page looks and works fine when viewed through Port Forwarding.

Host URL Mapper attempts to "clean up" HTML pages which pass through it in order to clean up absolute links. But it is not hard to construct an application that will slip through TeamForge Lab Management's filters and still not properly render all of its referenced objects inside of its pages. We make all reasonable attempts to clean up HTML, but not all applications can be properly rendered using Host URL Mapping. This is especially true for applications which make heavy use of Javascript, ActiveX, Java applets, and other types of rich client-side web programming.

To test this, use either a direct connection to the host (if available) or a port forwarded connection to the host to see if this behavior is present on the original version of the page. If the original page does not have this behavior, the first step is to verify the Dynamic Rewriting level is set to More Aggressive. If that does not work, please file a support request with CollabNet to evaluate the page.