Who should I allow into my project?

To decide how to control access to your project, think about what the project is for and who will be using it.

Consider these elements:

User type

Users can be restricted or unrestricted.

License type

Users can have an ALM license or an SCM license.

License type supersedes user type. For example, if you give a user an SCM license, and then declare that user an unrestricted user, the user can see only the core source code management tools in any project they can access.

Project access setting

A project can be private, gated, or public.

Note: Project access is not the same as project membership. Project access allows a user to see the project in the All Projects list, visit the project home page, and browse selected project data. A restricted user may be able to access a project without being a project member.

This table shows which user types can access projects with each project access setting.

Project access type Project member (Unrestricted user) Project member (Restricted user) Non-project member (Unrestricted user) Non-project member (Restricted user)
Private Yes Yes No No
Gated Yes Yes Yes No
Public Yes Yes Yes Yes