How do I move an existing SVN repository into TeamForge?

If you have an existing SVN repo, you can manage it with TeamForge.

To move an existing the SVN repo, perform the following steps:

  1. Stop SVN access to the old repo.
  2. Dump the old repo.
    svnadmin dump /svnroot/old_repo > /tmp/old_repo.dmp o mv /svnroot/old_repo /tmp
  3. Restore SVN access.
  4. Transfer the repo to the TeamForge SVN server.
  5. Create the new repo from within TeamForge.
  6. Browse to your project and click the Source Code button, then create your new repo.
  7. Load the old repo.
    cat /tmp/old_repo.dmp|svnadmin load /svnroot new_repo
  8. To synchronize permissions, perform the following steps:
    • Login as an TeamForge site admin.
    • Click Admin.
    • Click Integrations.
    • Select the SVN integration you want.
    • Click the Synchronize Permissions button.
  9. Verify the new repo
  10. Remove the old repo
    /bin/rm -r /tmp/old_rep