How does TeamForge handle third-party applications?

TeamForge relies on many third-party applications to augment or enhance functionality.

TeamForge integrates with additional third party applications, such as Microsoft Office. Support will always make an effort to provide assistance in using third party applications. However, for complete, end-to-end support, customers should consult the application vendor, as the vendor is best equipped to provide the support necessary to use their products.


Technical Support provides best-effort support for Subversion and CVS client usage issues. TeamForge is not shipped with CVS source control functionality. For best results, contact the vendor for assistance.

The CVS RPM that ships with RedHat Linux Enterprise Server 3 and RedHat Advanced Server 2.1 has a known bug that prevents users who have access to 32 or more CVS repositories from accessing the repositories that are alphabetically after the 31st. This is currently RedHat bug #131124 ( Customers are advised to contact Red Hat for a solution to this bug for any case where users are members of 32 or more CVS repositories on a TeamForge CVS server.

Discussion forum threading

For TeamForge discussion forums to properly thread posts sent in via email, the email message must include either the References or In-Reply-To header. Email received without both of those headers cannot be threaded accurately and will most likely be treated as a new topic or thread in the discussion. While the lack of either of the headers is not an explicit RFC violation, the inclusion of such headers is considered compliance with section 3.6.4 of RFC 2822.

Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes are prone to sending mail without at least one of the required headers. There is evidence that Lotus Notes versions 6.5 and newer are capable of sending email that includes at least one of the two required headers. However, older versions of Lotus Notes either do not include the headers, or require special reconfiguration in order to do so.

Microsoft Outlook on its own does include the In-Reply-To header. However, mail is sent through a Microsoft Exchange server, that header is stripped off. There are no known versions of Microsoft Exchange server that do not strip these RFC headers from outbound email, and therefore there are no known workarounds.

Contact your IT group or the vendor of your email client with questions or concerns.