Can I control user access to an integrated application?

TeamForge can integrate the permissions scheme of a separate application into the TeamForge role-based access control system.

To look at how this works, we'll use the Pebble blogging tool as an example. Pebble is an application that you can quickly integrate with TeamForge.

Pebble brings with it a set of pre-determined roles that you can assign to project users. The roles are defined in the XML application configuration file.

Blog Reader
You can only read blogs and make comments, the comments are sent for moderation.
Blog contributor
You can add blog posts, but they will be sent for moderation.
Blog publisher
You can add blog posts, moderate comments and blog posts.
Blog owner
You can do all that a Blog publisher does as well as change the blog properties and security options.

Any site user with one or more of these roles can see the Pebble Blog button in their project toolbar. Clicking that button allows them to operate Pebble according to their access rights.

Note: Site Administrators don't need any specific permissions; they have all permissions on all projects on the site.