How does TeamForge support dynamic planning?

TeamForge helps you maximize your team's effectiveness by keeping you in close touch with the multiple moving targets facing your project.

In a development project, each piece of the picture constantly changes in response to changes in the other parts. As you continue to iterate through the process, a feedback loop like this takes shape. (Click a node for more detail.)

The new Dynamic Planning features in TeamForge 17.11 give you a more open and extensible platform that integrates and centralizes the software development tools necessary in modern application life cycles.

Note: The Dynamic Planning features helps you effectively utilize Agile­-like processes, but you can use any process model you like.

Tracker summary screen

TeamForge 17.11 incorporates a new Tracker Summary screen display to accommodate planning folders, tree­views, and multiple tracker viewing. The Tracker Summary section is available at the top of the screen with summaries of open and closed artifacts as well as a summary of open artifacts by priority. The Planning Folders section is located at the bottom of the Tracker Summary screen. This section includes summaries of open and closed artifacts, a summary of open artifacts by priority, and a summary of Effort for each planning folder.

Tree view

TeamForge 17.11 incorporates an expandable and collapsible tree­ view of the planning folder hierarchical structure to display parent/child relationships of artifacts.

The tree ­view allows for the viewing of artifacts in a hierarchical structure and displays parent/child relationships across multiple trackers.