With self signed certificates in place, what is the recommended protocol (SSH or HTTPS) to use while cloning a Git repository from a TeamForge Git server running on RHEL/CentOS?

When using a self-signed certificate on a Teamforge Git server, you cannot clone a repository using the standard git client on RHEL/CentOS.

In RHEL/CentOS, the Linux certificates used by git and other tools are stored in the /etc/pki/tls/certs/ca- bundle.trust.crt file. This file is managed by the RPM package system. If a certificate is added to the ca-bundle.trust.crt file, Trusted Root Certification Authority updates are not installed automatically which in turn leaves the system vulnerable to potential attacks.

An alternative way for adding trusted certificates is available at http://stackoverflow.com/questions/9072376/configure-git-to-accept-a-particular-self-signed-server-certificate-for-a-partic However, it appears that some tools do not read files outside of the main bundle.

Therefore, it is recommended to use SSH protocol while cloning a git repository from a TeamForge Git server running on RHEL/CentOS.