Upload a file

To upload a file, run the pbl.py upload command.

In this example, we upload a file named Release.zip from our local machine into the public area of the project myproject, in the directory /foo/bar/baz/.
Note: If any part of the requested path does not already exist, pbl.py creates the intermediate directories.
Run the pbl.py upload command like this, substituting the correct values for your situation.
pbl.py upload --api-user=username --api-key=713cdf90-2549-1350-80c3-2d0bcf9a1697 --api-url http://$external_host/cubit_api/1 --project=myproject -t pub -r /foo/bar/baz -d "This is the description." /home/Release.zip
Tip: Wildcards are accepted in the filename argument. If the file argument is a directory, or a wildcard which includes one or more directories, pbl.py recursively uploads all the subdirectories underneath the parent. All the files in the recursive upload get the same description.
Once this operation has completed, you can download this file from https://$external_host/myproject/pub/foo/bar/baz/Release.zip.
For other options to pbl.py, run pbl.py help upload.