Edit multiple artifacts inline

When you have a list of tracker or planning folder artifacts to update, you can edit all the artifacts inline at once.

  1. Click TRACKERS from the Project Home menu.
  2. In the List Trackers, Planning Folders and Teams page, click the tracker or the planning folder that contains the artifacts you want to edit inline.
  3. In the List Artifacts page, click Edit Inline. To help you identify editable columns, all non-editable columns are disabled. You can see a hand symbol when you hover the mouse pointer over the editable columns.
  4. Click a field in a column and edit the selected artifact. For example:
    • Clicking a field in the Assigned To column lets you edit the person assigned to the specific artifact.
    • Clicking a field in the Planned For column displays the Planning Folder dialog box to let you change the planning folder for the specific artifact.
    Artifacts support @mentions: Artifact description and comments now support @mentions and users called out via @mentions are added to the monitoring list. Include usernames with "@" as prefix (for example, @mphippard) to add users to the monitoring list.
    Note: Users called out via @mentions must have "Artifact View" permission to be added to the monitoring list.
  5. When you are done, click Save.