Modify a global project role

You may need to add or remove certain permissions from an existing global project role to assign new tasks or change the access permissions given via the role.

Note: Only site administrators or restricted site administrators with "Role-Edit" permission can edit global project roles.
  1. Go to My Workspace > Admin.
  2. Click Roles from the Projects menu.
  3. Click the GLOBAL PROJECT ROLES tab. All the existing global project roles are listed here.
  4. Select the role that you want to edit and click Edit or just click the hyperlinked role name. The Edit global project role permissions page appears.
  5. Click Edit to make changes to the role details.
  6. Modify the Role Name or Description, if required. The role name is case-sensitive and must not be the same as a site-wide role.
  7. Change the inheritance setting to prevent or allow inheritance of the role's permissions into private sub-projects.
  8. To make the role requestable or non-requestable, change the Project members can request this role setting. Project members can submit requests for Available upon Request roles. For a project, the project administrators can set a Available upon Request role to be automatically granted to the project member requesting it.
  9. Click Update. The global project role is modified.
  10. Select the application permissions that are relevant to the role, from those listed on the ROLE PERMISSIONS tab and click Save.
    Tip: You may want to restrain removing project or application administration permissions as the change impacts existing users too.
The role is modified.