Release Burn Up Chart

The Release Burn Up Chart shows the work progress to date against the total planned work. This chart shows the total planned work, total work completed to date and the rate of progress (velocity).

Important: You must have the planning folder's start and end dates defined to generate this chart.

This chart includes a trend line to show the planned work scope change between a release's start and end dates (in other words, the start and end dates of the release's planning folder). Optionally, you can also include a trend line in the chart that forecasts when planned work might be completed depending on the average rate of progress (velocity).

  1. Click REPORTS from the Project Home menu.
  2. Click Create in the List Reports page. The Select Report Type page appears.
  3. Select Release Burn Up Chart from Agile Reports.
  4. Type a report title and description.
  5. Select a planning folder from the SELECT PLANNING FOLDER(S) drop-down list.
  6. Select one or more trackers from the SELECT TRACKER(S) drop-down list.
  7. Optionally, select the Include Forecast check box.
  8. Select either Points or Hours.
  9. Leave the CHART DISPLAY TYPE as Trendlines, which is the only available chart type for this report.
  10. Select report visibility: Public or Private.
  11. Click Preview.
  12. Click Create. The report is created and the View Report page appears.

    Print or download charts

    You can print charts or download them as .PNG, .JPG, .SVG or .PDF files using the print/download quick function icon.

  13. Click Back to Reports List to go back to the Reports dashboard.