Delete a role in a project group

When you no longer need a role that you created for a project, it's a good idea to delete that role.

Any project groups administrator can create and assign a role. It is good to keep the project role tray as small and as manageable as possible.
Note: Any existing site-wide or global project role can be associated with a project group. It is advisable to check the permissions granted via a role before assigning it to users or user groups in a project group as it would impact more than a single project.
  1. Go to My Workspace > Admin.
  2. Click PROJECT GROUPS from the Projects menu.

    The existing project groups are listed here.

  3. Click your project group. The Project Group Details page appears.
  4. From the left navigation pane, click the Permissions link to specify user roles applicable to the project group.
  5. On the Roles tab, click View: Roles Created For a Project.

    You can view global project roles by selecting View: Global Project Roles. However, you can only delete roles created for this project here.

  6. Select the role and click Delete. You may get a warning message if the role you are trying to delete is in use. Click OK to proceed with deleting the non-required role. The selected role is deleted.