Assign roles in multiple projects to a user group

Project managers can assign a role to multiple users at once by assigning the role to a user group that contains all those users. As a site administrator, you can do the same thing across multiple projects, by treating the projects as part of a project group.

  1. Go to My Workspace > Admin.
  2. Click PROJECT GROUPS from the Projects menu.

    The existing project groups are listed here.

  3. On the Project Group page, click Permissions .
  4. On the User Group-Role Matrix tab, add the user group you want, then select the roles you want to assign to that user group.
  5. Click Finish or Finish and Add More.
    Restriction: When you give a group access to a CVS or Wandisco Subversion repository, members of the group can view the repository but cannot do repository actions, such as commit and update. You must assign those permissions to users individually.