Set up a new TeamForge Lab Management project

To start using TeamForge Lab Management project, create or select a TeamForge (or CollabNet Enterprise Edition) project to link to.

Note: You can use Lab Management with either CollabNet TeamForge or CollabNet Enterprise Edition. These instructions assume you are using TeamForge. For information about working with CollabNetEnterprise Edition projects, see the help for CEE project managers.
  1. Log into TeamForge Lab Management as an administrator.
  2. Click the Administration tab.
  3. On the Administration menu, click Manage Projects.
  4. Select the Add New Projects tab.
  5. If Lab Management is connected to a TeamForge server, the Name field displays a drop-down list of projects instead of requiring a text entry. Select the project you want to add to Lab Management.
  6. In the Summary field, write a brief summary of the project.
    Note: The TeamForge Lab Management project summary may be different from the CEE or SFEE project summary.
  7. Click Add New button.
Your project is added. You can now pass the project on to the Project Admin of the project to begin administrating and configuring.
Note: If your project is an SFEE project, you will see that TeamForge Lab Management has added some Roles to your project.