Provide more than one source control server

To run more than one source control server of the same type on your site, each integration must have its own unique name and data directory.

Note: No single server can host more than one source control integration of the same type. If you want to have more than one Subversion integration, they must run on separate machines. The same is true for CVS integrations.
  1. Manually create the necessary directories on NetApp.
    Important: Each directory must have its own unique name. For example, if the first Subversion instance is named svnroot, you might name the second instance svnroot_2.
  2. Set the permissions on the new directories to ctf-admin:ctf-admin
  3. For each such directory on the NetApp, create a separate symlink in the local filesystem pointing to the NetApp mount folder. For example, assuming the NetApp mount is mounted on the /shared mount point in the local filesystem:
    • sudo ln -s /svnroot /shared/svnroot_2
    Note: Only one source code integration of any one type can run on a machine.