Lock or unlock a project

To ensure that no changes occur in a project while you are collating or migrating project data, lock the project. You must have project administration permissions or be a site administrator to lock or unlock a project.

To lock or unlock a project in TeamForge, go to Project Settings and lock/unlock the project.
Note: A locked project does not allow any member (including project administrators and site administrators) to make any changes to the project. Besides that, a locked project can not be set as the parent project for any other project and tasks like adding, editing or deleting integrated applications are also not allowed.
Click PROJECT ADMIN from the Project Home menu.
The project is locked or unlocked as desired. The lock icon appears on all the project pages while the project is locked.
Note: If a locked project has an integrated application, for example, project tracker, all the project tracker pages are also non-editable while the project is locked. The user who has access permissions for the integrated application can only view the pages.