TeamForge supports both SAML and LDAP authentication protocols. By setting up the SAML+LDAP IdP, the TeamForge users can reap the benefits of both SAML and LDAP authentication mechanisms in a unified manner. With SAML+LDAP authentication, while SAML enables TeamForge users to access web applications, the LDAP authentication supports user authentication required for CLI applications. For example, if a user performs a source code commit in CVS/Git/SVN repository, the user can get authenticated via LDAP.

To set up SAML+LDAP authentication, you must set up the SAML and LDAP configurations as discussed in the following topics and then select SAML+LDAP as an IdP from the Federation tab.

  1. Set up SAML and LDAP configurations. See:
  2. Log on to TeamForge as a Site Administrator.
  3. Select My Workspace > Admin.
  4. Select Projects > Identity.
  5. Select the Federation tab.
  6. Select the Use Federated Login check box and select SAML+LDAP as the IdP from the drop-down list.
  7. Click Save to save the configuration.