Check out code

You can use the checkout command to check out the code from Subversion or GIT repository.

Check out Subversion code anonymously

When you want to experiment with the code, you can do an anonymous checkout from the Subversion repository. The checkout command uses a unique system-created user called "guest" and works without authentication.

To make anonymous checkout possible, the project administrator must set public and repository view permission to "All Users." The checkout command differs based on whether a user is logged in or not.

Check out GIT code

Generally, GIT repositories can be accessed by more than one protocol. To support this, a Protocol drop-down list is available on the source code repositories page. This feature applies only to GIT repositories and so selecting a protocol determines the check out command for a GIT repository. This also gives the user an option to override the default protocol which is set while configuring the GIT integration server.