Disable a profile

When you disable a profile in Lab Management, it will prevent the users from building or rebuilding a host with that profile. It is possible to make disabled Lab Management profiles accessible again.

A disabled profile gets removed from all projects that currently allow the profile. If you disable a profile and then enable it later, project managers who previously allowed that profile will have to go back into their project's Profile Library and add the profile again.
Important: Use caution before disabling a profile. Contact the owners of the systems using that profile, and owners of projects that include that profile, before disabling the profile.
  1. Log into TeamForge Lab Management with TeamForge Lab Management Domain Admin privileges.
  2. Click the Administration tab.
  3. On the Administration menu, click Manage Profiles.
  4. In the list of all profiles currently in the system, click the profile you wish to disable.
  5. Click the Admin tab.
  6. Click Disable Profile.
The profile is disabled and removed from all projects that currently allow it.