Stop moderating a forum

If a moderated discussion forum does not require posts to be moderated anymore, moderation can be disabled.

To change a moderated discussion forum to unmoderated discussion forum in CollabNet TeamForge, select the forum and turn off its moderation feature.
Note: Users with forum admin permissions only can enable/disable moderation.
Note: On disabling moderation on a moderated forum, the posts awaiting approval are automatically approved.
  1. Click DISCUSSIONS from the Project Home menu.
  2. On the Forum Summary page, select the moderated forum that does not require moderation anymore.
  3. On the Topic Summary page, click Edit.
  4. On the Edit Discussion Forum page, to disable moderation, de-select the ENABLE MODERATION check box.
    Note: The following message is displayed: "Any post awaiting moderation will be approved automatically."
  5. Click Save to turn off the moderation. To keep moderation enabled, select Cancel.
Note: The moderated discussion forum changes to an unmoderated discussion forum and any posts sent to the forum will be displayed without any restrictions.