Convert to a replica server in TeamForge

To convert your Subversion Edge server to a replica server in TeamForge, you'll need to provide the TeamForge site URL, a core SCM integration server to replicate, and administrator credentials.

Note: We recommend that you use a fresh install of Subversion Edge for conversion to a replica. If you have repositories in your Subversion Edge install, they will get archived in the deleted-repos directory after conversion -- you will not be able to access them in TeamForge. You will be able to keep your repositories only when you convert to a core SCM integration server in TeamForge.
  1. Select Administration in the main navigation bar and click CollabNet TeamForge. The Introduction page for the conversion process appears.
  2. Click Replica Mode. The TeamForge Credentials page appears.
  3. Provide these details:
    • TeamForge server URL. For example,
    • Credentials for the site.
      Note: You need an account that's been used at least once in TeamForge.
    Click Continue. The Replica Setup page appears.
  4. Select the TeamForge integration server you want to mirror.
  5. Enter a description for the replica. You might want to include the geographic location so that users can choose a nearby replica. For example, Brisbane, CA replica.
  6. Enter a comment for the TeamForge Administrator.

    For example, if you are in a large organization, you might want to identify yourself and why you need a replica.

    Click Continue.

    The Convert to Replica Mode page appears.
  7. Make sure that all the information you've provided so far is accurate. If not, you can still make changes at this point. When you're done, click Convert.

The replica server in TeamForge will not be available for use immediately. It gets placed in a queue and needs approval by a TeamForge site administrator.

When it is approved, you will see it in the TeamForge site's Admin > Integrations > SCM Integrations page.

Here's an example of a master Subversion server and its Subversion Edge replicas:

Master and replica servers in TeamForge